Stay Active In Your Job Search

Sunday, March 29, 2020

The job market is volatile right now. A fair few employees have been laid off and many more have been furloughed.

With this news you might think there's not point in carrying out a job search. But there are thousands of companies out there still recruiting so it's important you stay active in your job search. 

Many companies we work with are still active and on the hunt to fill vacancies. It doesn't matter that face to face interviews are a 'NO GO' right now. With modern technology they're willing and able to carry out Conference Call interviews with prospective candidates to help the process along. 

So what can you do.

  1. Register for a job alert and stay up to date with new jobs going live by clicking here
  2. Upload your CV for recruiters to search by clicking here
  3. Carry out a job search by clicking here.

We're here to help. 

Our Facebook page is being manned by our team should you need any advice on how the COVID19 situation is effecting you, your current employment status or just if you would like general CV and/or interview advice. Click here to visit our page and instant message us.


Finally, About The Job wants you to remain safe. It's important you stay in doors, protect our NHS and help save lives.