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About The Job's Agency Experience

Our agency service allows Employers to advertise as many vacancies as they like, when they like, for as long as they like. Employers get access to our premium advertising package, giving them the best coverage to over 675,000 job seekers on any given campaign.

About The Job doesn't like to complicate the process any more than necessary. Our contract is only 3 pages long and protects both About The Job and the Employer in any eventuality. Our charging model is based on salary bandings and starts from 7.5% on an introductory offer. Unlike most agencies, we encourage our clients to use their branding during the candidate attraction process (unless sensitive). We also allow our clients to talk to candidates before and after interviews for ease of negotiation. We only request to be kept in the loop.

Our Basic Terms

  1. A percentage Placement fee of first year salary is charged per successful placement
  2. AboutTheJob will manage all job applications and candidate contact information
  3. Applications are filtered and sent to a designated mail inbox at “company name”
  4. “Company name” decide which applicants they would like to interview and AboutTheJob arranges the interviews
  5. Where applicable, the placement fee is due within 7 days of the candidates start date (The invoice is raised on the candidates first day).
  6. If the candidate leaves the company within 4 weeks of their start date, a one-time refund of 50% of the fee will be issued and paid within 28 days. If the candidate leaves the company within 8 weeks of their start date, a one-time refund of 25% of the fee will be issued and paid within 28 days.
  7. AboutTheJob owns the candidate details up until the time the candidate is successfully placed
  8. A candidate is chargeable when “company name” requests to interview said candidate or requests contact details from or via AboutTheJob.

Other terms may apply. Please see for more details

Temporary Contracts

About The Job can and does provide Temporary staff services for a number of clients. If you have a short, mid or long term need for temporary staff, About The Job will happily assist you with this.


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