COVID19 - Working From Home

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Through unprecedented times, many of the UK's workforce have been asked to work from home. If this is you, About The Job is here to help you through this change. This article in particular is a guide to working from home. A quick read might mean you getting the most productivity out of your day and making sure you remain sane and healthy.

Many people who do work from home, on a regular basis, will tell you how difficult it is. The key is to stay disciplined. Having a plan to keep you focused and taking regular breaks will help fast track your adaptation to your new working environment. 

Here's how we would break up our 'work from home' day:

08:00 - Get showered and dressed. It's important to start your day as you would if you were heading out to work.

08:30 - Have your breakfast by the window. With the restrictions on getting out, keeping in touch with the outside world will help you stay an little more sane.

09:00 - Find your work space. Somewhere where you'll be the least distracted. Away from windows is advisable.

09:15 - Make a to-do list. It's important to prioritise your tasks. Implementing structure in to your working day will help you stay focused.

10:00 - Work without distractions for 2 hours. Taking in to consideration motivation, energy and focus; this could most likely be the most productive part of your working day. It's important to make a dent in the tasks you identified as a priority.

12:00 - Have lunch, give your eyes a rest and call a friend.

13:00 - Back to work. Give yourself a 20 minute break every 90 minutes.

16:00 - Exercise, relax, watch TV and FACETIME family.

Another variation might be to exercise for 30-60 minutes from 12-1pm, grab lunch and then get back to work for 2pm. This could give you time to think about a particular task that requires more of your concentration (Or just to get up and stretch out after sitting down for a while).

Our staff are manning the AboutTheJob facebook page (click here) should you want to talk to someone about this article, other 'working smart' techniques or just if you want a general chat if you're feeling isolated under these very stressful circumstances.

About The Job wants you to stay inside, stay safe and help save lives. We're all in this together.