What to expect from a branded job campaign with About The Job

Thursday, January 14, 2021

Many employers like to know what makes About The Job different to other options in the market place and what they should expect when they buy a branded job campaign from us.


First things first...

Because of the nature of how we work, About The Job can deal with any job post. Our service is built around a targeted campaign strategy which is designed to find relevant candidates, wherever they may be, and present the job content in their social media feed, DM box or email account. We achieve this with 'paid for' sponsored advertising of the job vacancy on each of our partnership platforms (listed further down).

General coverage includes our very own Job Board, AboutTheJob.co.uk which generates around 18,000+ visits per month. We also have over 39,000 LIVE CVs in our matching database (AboutTheCVMatch). FACT: Our matching system smartly identifies anyone who meets the job requirements and then sends the candidate a notification of the job, with a link, so they can apply. 

Then there's our Facebook page facebook.com/AboutTheJobs which is where the bulk of our job seeker activity happens (around 60%). Our page reaches circa 90,000+ job seekers each month who view and interact with our content.

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Our Partnerships: 

In addition to our in house recruitment tools, we also partner up with Google for Jobs, Indeed, Instagram, Linkedin and Jobg8, a job board network that adds coverage on another 100+ job boards (ave.) for every job campaign. 


Once a job advertising package is agreed, our team gets started on designing some 'easy on the eye' adverts that can be associate with the job links on all the 'paid for' social media elements of the campaign package purchased. Our studio team resize the artwork to match the various social media specs as this does change from platform to platform. The team also, where they can, keep imagery relevant to the job that is being advertised.  



Including imagery with any text links increases the likelihood of someone clicking on the link by 97%. Implementing simple things like this leads to higher campaign success rates and it's one of the reasons why About The Job's success rate is so high.


Example of artwork with links:



The great news.

There's very little we require from our clients to make things happen. After one of our team has taken the employer through the various packages and discussed the best coverage and option for them; all we need is a job spec (which we can help with) and a logo (ideally a transparent PNG file). We do the rest. Employers can just sit back and watch the applications land in their inbox.


If you would like to find out more, click here to send us your enquiry. You can also email sales@aboutthejob.co.uk