Branded Campaign Design and Advertising with Interact Medical

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Who are Interact Medical?

As one of the UK’s leading medical recruitment agencies, Interact Medical specialises in the fulfilment of Locum Doctor, Agency Nursing and all other healthcare Locum roles. Their teams work hard to find candidates their perfect jobs in the best locations and at the right pay rates.

Formed in 2006, Interact Medical (IM) are positioned as one of the largest independent medical recruitment agencies in the UK. IM enjoy framework status on all national frameworks, giving candidates access to some of the very best roles ahead of the competition!


The Partnership

After a number of successful fact finding meetings, Interact Medical signed up to two fully branded recruitment campaigns. The first targeted Locums; local and abroad. The second was for in-house recruitment at Interact Medical with a focus predominantly on Sales Consultants.


Making use of About The Jobs' Design Studio Service, key messages for both campaigns were created. Using Interact Medical brand guidelines, About The Job designed a number of adverts, in different sizes, to comply with a variety of social media platforms where the campaigns would be advertised.

About The Job also designed a number of eye catching MPU's and Leaderboard's for Interact Medical to use on, their own website and any other industry specific sites the team thought would benefit the campaign. All copyright privileges were including with the final sign off package Interact Medical purchased.







With this portfolio of Artwork, ATJ planned and managed multiple advertising campaigns for a variety of Interact Medical's jobs. Job marketing platforms included, AboutTheCVMatch, Facebook, Google4Jobs, LinkedIn, Indeed and a network of job boards called

Our focus was to gain maximum exposure, for the roles, to the most relevant audience. For reference, the combined job seeker audience across all our platforms exceeds 475,000+ on any given job advert campaign

With the Locums campaign, a key goal was to target Ex Pats abroad. With this is in mind, About The Job also planned, carried out and managed 6 additional campaigns internationally. Locations included Australia, the Middle East and parts of Europe. The campaigns were targeted, location / key word specific and heavily reliant on social media functionality. Overall this enabled us to ensure only relevant people were presented with Interact Medical's campaign content.

As this was a brand exercise, all interest and/or applications were directed to the Interact Medical website.

Positions advertised over a 6 month period:

  • Locum Doctors
  • Nurses
  • HR Professionals
  • Sales Staff
  • Recruiters
  • Candidate Resources 
  • Sales Administrators
  • IT/Technical
  • Payroll Administrators


Site Sponsorship / Branded Campaign costs.

There are 4 levels to Sponsorship/ Branded Campaign services. Signing up to this option includes artwork design for 1 message over 4 sizes. Other campaign messages can be added at an additional, one off, cost.

  1. Option 1 - Lite - £1,000 - 1 Message Design, 3 Advert Campaigns, 1 Site Sponsorship Link (12 months)
  2. Option 2 - Featured - £1,749 - 1 Message Design, 5 Advert Campaigns, 3 Site Sponsorship Links (12 months)
  3. Option 3 - Pro - £3,499 - 2 Message Designs, 10 Advert Campaigns, 4 Site Sponsorship Links (months)
  4. Option 4 - Email Marketing - £5,000 - 1 Message Design, 5 Advert Campaigns, 4 Sponsorship Links and Sponsorship of About The Job's automated email system. The automated email system sends out over 220,000 emails to candidates each year. - (12months)

Interact Medical decided to go for our Pro Option.



When asked what makes us different to the competition, we simply say:

"About The Job isn't just an 'advertise and hope' solution. Our team has the experience and expertise to manage an employers brand with care and consideration. We're able to design eye catching material to attract interest and, furthermore, we make sure we target the right people straight off the bat; not leaving it to chance for people to find the job, but to make sure the job appears in front of the right people; wherever they may play. This is why our campaign success rate for getting candidates to interview is over 90% and the successful placement rate consistently sits at 79%"

Whether you're an employer looking to expand, one that recruits all year round or even a recruiter looking to increase candidate registrations on your books,  About The Job can help you out.



Looking for help with your next campaign? Call About The Job on 01234 910720 or email for more details.