Pay on Success Membership


To maximise your exposure with About The Job you may become one of our members. This will give your company the ability to advertise your vacancies with no upfront costs. Your sign up fee is added to your first placement invoice. You're only required to pay for your advert if we fill the vacancy for you. As an extra benefit you gain additional exposure on our home page and also within our recruiter directory.   


Instant Access to our Audience

Once signed up you can advertise as many vacancies as you like, when you like, for as long as you like. All jobs advertised will gain full access to our portfolio audience of over 400,000 job seekers.


Managed Applications

Any candidates who apply for your job will come through to our vetting team here at AboutTheJob. We'll filter out the irrelevant candidates and send the best ones on to you.


Candidate / CV Review

You get to review all candidate applications and decide who you'd like to see. We'll also let candidates down, on your behalf, who didn't make the cut.


Interview Booking / Confirmations

We'll arrange interviews, for you, with all the candidates you'd like to see and follow up with confirmation emails to both parties.


Fixed, Low Cost Advertiser Charges

With our membership service, you only pay your advertiser fee if you fill your vacancy with a candidate we send you. Advertiser fees start from £849 and are fixed; based on the membership level you sign up to.