Machine Learning Engineer

  • Job Reference: 00001545-1
  • Date Posted: 14 March 2024
  • Recruiter: Netcall
  • Location: Bedford, Bedfordshire
  • Salary: £50,000 to £60,000
  • Sector: I.T. & Communications
  • Job Type: Permanent
  • Work Hours: Full Time

Job Description

Netcall -  Machine Learning Engineer

Reporting to: Development Manager

Location: Remote/Bedford 

Salary: DOE 

Netcall is a high growth business providing industry specific software solutions that accelerate and simplify the path to digital. Spanning the entire customer journey across the public, healthcare and corporate markets, our solutions combine the skills of business experts to craft incredible customer experiences.


Purpose of Role: To specify, design, develop, test, maintain and support software developed in Python that forms part of our Liberty platform.


Key Responsibilities:

 • Take responsibility for the development of tasks within our AI projects.

• Provide leadership and guidance to coach, motivate and develop junior team members.

• Foster a culture of continuous improvement in all areas of technology and the software development process. Help instil the principle of this culture across the entire development organisation.

• Help ensure that the Development Team adheres to the requirements of ISO9001, ISO27001, PCI-DSS and any future quality or security accreditations that Netcall holds.


Essential Skills:

• Programming:

o Proficiency in Python, including advanced features, such as list comprehensions, generators, and decorators.

o Familiarity with Python libraries relevant to machine learning and NLP, such as NumPy, pandas, keras, scikit-learn, NLTK, and SpaCy.

• Machine Learning:

o In-depth understanding of Natural Language Processing and associated ML algorithms.

o Expertise in leveraging open-source Hugging Face models and fine-tuning large language models (LLMs).

o Experience in RAG (Retrieval Augmented Generation) pipelines.

o In-depth understanding of supervised learning algorithms (e.g., linear regression, logistic regression, decision trees, support vector machines) and unsupervised learning algorithms (e.g., clustering, principal component analysis, t-SNE).

o Knowledge of neural networks, including architecture design, activation functions, and backpropagation.

o Familiarity with ML frameworks, such as TensorFlow and PyTorch, for building and training custom models.


• Data Wrangling:

o Ability to identify and handle missing values, either by removing, imputing, or using advanced techniques like matrix factorisation.

o Data transformation, including feature scaling and encoding categorical variables.

o Outlier detection and handling using methods such as Tukey fences, z-scores, or robust statistical measures.


• System Infrastructure and Operability:

o Familiarity with Linux.

o Knowledge in designing and implementing efficient APIs for various applications.

o Experience with system infrastructure design, including knowledge of load balancers, availability zones, VMs, GPUs for model serving, and databases (PostgreSQL and vector databases).


• You have significant experience in delivering large scale and complex development projects alongside Senior or Lead Developers.

• You have experience working within a multidisciplinary team including project managers, product owners, developers/builders and QA/test resources.

• You keep your finger on the pulse, you have an interest in learning about new frameworks, libraries and techniques and how they could be utilised.

• You have the ability to manage conflicting messages, influence stakeholders whilst retaining a focus on core business requirements

• You are able to prioritise your work and deliver to tight timescales, demonstrating good organisational, communication and administrative skills.


Desirable Skills:

• Version control system: Understanding of Git for effective collaboration and code management.

• Computer Vision: Familiarity with computer vision libraries such as OpenCV, Scikit-image, and Pillow is important to develop computer vision applications.

• Big Data: Knowledge of big data technologies such as Hadoop and Spark, which are used to handle large datasets.

• Cloud Computing: Understanding of cloud computing platforms such as AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure, which provide scalable and cost-effective computing resources for AI applications.

• Knowledge of secure coding techniques, PA-DSS, PCI-DSS and ISO27001.


Behavioural competencies:

At Netcall we measure how results are achieved using a competency framework. Definitions of the competencies applicable for the role are listed below:

Teamwork – co-operates with others to accomplish common goals; works with others within and across his/her department to achieve shared goals; treats others with dignity and respect and maintains a friendly demeanour; values the contribution of others.

• Communication – listens to others to gain a full understanding of issues; comprehends written material; presents information in a clear and concise manner orally and in writing to ensure others understand his/her ideas; appropriately adapts his/her message, style and tone to accommodate a variety of audiences.

Drive – having the sustained energy and determination to achieve results by overcoming obstacles. Drive is about demonstrating the urgency and motivation in setting and meeting challenging targets with required quality and service, and to time. 

Accountability – accepts full responsibility for self and contribution as a team member; displays honesty and truthfulness; confronts problems quickly; displays a strong commitment to the success of the Company acting as a credible representative of the business.

Agility – adapts to change and different ways of doing things quickly and positively; does not shy away from addressing setbacks or ambiguity; deals effectively with a variety of people and situations; appropriately adapts thinking or approach as the situation changes.

Creativity & Innovation – applies creative problem solving skills in order to develop solutions; recognises and demonstrates the value of taking "smart" risks and learning from mistakes; develops multiple alternatives and understands the feasibility of each; effectively shares and implements ideas.

Customer Focus – understands that all employees have external and/or internal customers that they provide services and information to; provides helpful, courteous, accessible, responsive and knowledgeable customer service

Personal Development and Developing Others – enhances the capabilities of the organisation by openly and effectively sharing his/her expertise with others; supports a continuous learning environment by preserving and compiling intellectual capital which can be used by others within his/her team and the organisation as a whole.


Special conditions:

 • Satisfactory completion of pre-employment screening, including a DBS/NPPV3 check dependent on role and responsibilities.

• There may be some requirement to travel to other locations within the UK

• Implement and act in accordance with the Company’s Information Security and Acceptable Use policies.


The above list of duties is not exhaustive and you may be required to undertake other tasks within the scope of your role. Any job description provided to you by the organisation will not form part of your contract of employment unless specified otherwise.