COVID Relief Recruitment Payment Plan

The current state of the COVID19 pandemic is impacting many industries and sectors. About The Job has pulled together COVID relief package and payment options to help assist employers, and recruiters, find staff in difficult times and when budgets are sensitive to say the least. We want you to know, we've got your back!


Over the past two months About The Job has been looking in to ways we can adapt our model so that employers and recruiters can continue to recruit, without having the stress and strains of affordability looming over any future survival or growth plans they might have going in to 2021.


The COVID Relief Recruitment Payment Plan 


Introduced on 1st November 2020, About The Job now offers the COVID Relief Recruitment Payment Plan. This option is open to all Employers and Recruiters and with no red tape or credit checks. Whether you're recruiting to manage natural staff turnover or, more positively, recruiting due to expansion; you can now activate the payment plan.


Initially launched for just Job Advertising Packages, the scheme has now been rolled out for our Membership and Hybrid Agency Services.

  1. Package/service values must be £500 or more
  2. Payments can be split over 1, 2 or 3 months
  3. Package/service values over £2,000 can also be extended over a 4th month if required.


Here are 3 ways we can fill your vacancy.


1. Buy a targeted advertising campaign. Prices from £249
- Covid19 relief Payment plans available over 1, 2 or 3 months
Download information on our advertising services here

2. Pay on success with our membership service from £549.00 per placement
- Send your job live instantly and start receiving applications straight away
- Applications are screened and filtered
- Membership fees payable if successful candidate is placed.
- Insurance protected by a 6 week placement refill credit if required
Download information on our membership service here

3. Instruct us as your agent for a full agency experience from 5% 
- Full audience coverage
- Campaign management
- Applicant filtering
- Interview arranging.
Download information on our agency service here


Included with all packages:

  1. Coverage on, LinkedIn (paid), Facebook (paid), Indeed (paid), Google4Jobs, JobG8 and AboutTheCVMatch

  2. Applications will be vetted by our team and matched against your criteria

  3. Qualified applications are sent on to your inbox

  4. Just to let you know, our ACTIVE audience is in excess of 475,000 + job seekers

  5. You can email with your booking



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